Keystone Jack assembly instruction


1.Strip the jacket of the twisted pair about 3 cm long. 2.It should be as much as close to the keystone jack while punch or strip the cables. The keystone has a cusps terminal design, which can save time when separate the cables and follow the wiring position sticker 3.The ready status of separate the cables.
4.Use the 110/Krone special wire-punching tool to punch the terminal block vertically. 5.Trim off the exposed cable. 6.Double check if each cable is abnormal after completion. Such as: raised, chamfered.
Precautions :     
Check the wire if it’s cut through the skin into the groove then it can be conduct. Check the wire if it’s cut through the skin into the groove then it can be conduct.  


1.Can be installed on the user's desktop junction box, embedded panel or modular 19〞24Port, 48Port cabinet wiring.

2.With many colors and easy to management.

3.The conduct wires are 50u" gold-plated and comply with international standard. plug-in times guarantees more than 750 time and the transmission quality is very stable.

4.IDC terminal suit for 22~26 AWG sold wires and can be used with 110/KRONE two tools. The keystone has T568A/T568B wiring position sticker in order to installation easily. IDC terminal offer cusps terminal design and it’s more convenient while installation. The wire slot fixed cover can be used after the wire is made and let the wire more stable and not loose on the terminal. The plastic cable can be used to fix the cable at the end and the number of pressing lines can be guaranteed more than 250 times.

5.The keystone jack with push-in dust cover to prevent dust get inside before installation. The cover is with C5e make to clearly identify the socket grade and more easy to management and confirm the transmission quality.

6.Comply with international bandwidth certification and UL94V0 fireproof and environmental ROHS standard to ensure users’ rights.


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