Industry 4.0 AIoT Industrial Revolution


Industry 4.0, is a new manufacturing concept transformation that is using AI Machine learning makes it possible to gather and analyze data across machines, enabling faster, more flexible, and more efficient control the production process in order to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs. It is likely to see in the future the increased use of 5G technology that can create a fast internet connection to increase the productivity. These need to be stable and efficient data transmission quality that can operate more efficiently between industrial automation and AIot used in smart factories. As a result, the operation of production machines is more optimized by controlling and adjusting the production program system.

SHIUNN YANG has more than 30 years manufacturing experience in producing industrial cable. Our cables specialize in industrial filed with great vibration protection, waterproof, dustproof and high-speed Ethernet transmission. 

M12 X-code (Made in Taiwan)

  • A good solution to ensure a fast and efficient communication with industrial.
    Ethernet applications for Industrial automation and camera system use in harsh environment

Double Insulated cable (Made in Taiwan)

  • Industrial automation network data transmission line to improve data transmission stability
    Suitable for specific industrial environments.
    Manufacture according to various environmental needs.






IP68 Fast Lock (Made in Taiwan)

  • Fast push pull、Time and work saving、Complete when hear click sound.
  • Anti-UV material, suitable for humid、rain、snow、high mountain、ocean
  • area、railway surveillance system………..harsh environment
  • Operating environment -40°C~105°C Various type and tiny volume.
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